Hurricane Irma Relief For The Lifestyle Connoisseurs - SBA

What organizations are out there for business owners? As a human being, there are a few things that can make you stop and appreciate life. Hurricane Irma did that for myself and my family. This hurricane disrupted our personal and business lives. We all must work together to cope and rebuild our economy. Below, continue […]

Writer Jean-Désir of WhoIsDésir - The Lifestyle Connoisseur on Conor McGregor and White Ambition vs Floyd Mayweather

Who  really won the fight between Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather? First of all Conor McGregor was the actual winner in the bout against Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The actual fight should have been called Conor McGregor and White Ambition vs Floyd Mayweather. He taught us that no matter what job you applied for, you can […]

How I got into the practice of yoga? I’ve been an athlete since my single digit days. From futbol or soccer as we in the United States call it, to powerlifting over 225lbs as a 150lb high-schooler. I never once imagined that I would be doing the downward dog and saying, namaste. Yoga has grown […]