Founder of WorldStarHipHop Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat Dead at 43

WorldStarHipHop And Pop Culture

For the longest, I have wondered what made World Star Hip Hop so popular. As a millennial that question doesn’t take long to be answered. User generated content has become a great way for a publisher or the like to increase:

  1. Traffic
  2. Content
  3. Credibility

World Star Hip Hop embodies all three and to me takes the cake in regards to who users in the hip hop community gravitate towards for content. Obviously the lane is much wider but to knock it over some of the content is just as bad as saying you do not watch another media outlet for the lack of coverage on certain topics.

Q and his credibility in Hip Hop and Pop Culture

Hip Hop is synonymous with mayhem, cannot quote that line but it is true. Each rapper has a search and destroy mentality. When I was in college and interning with a national DJ team, I realized how important World Star Hip Hop was to them. Artist could place their promo material on their site to beef up their brands. I do not see the Huffington Post doing that at all for the advancement of this genre of music. ‘Q’, also changed the way a lot of us consumed viral content in college and after graduation. I haven’t been on the site for the type of content in a while but when there is something that needs to be watched that may be NSFW, your choice sometimes are CNN or World Star.

The Future of WorldStarHipHop

Unbeknownst to me, the brand was or is still about to have a show on MTV. Major props to the team that put that together. I do believe Hip Hop still has a long way to go and can credit Mr. Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat for keeping the fire alive for many artist. I too plan on continuing in tradition and adding an outlet for some more hip hop and other genres of music in the future.

Thank You Q

For a man to die so young, one can only imagine his lifestyle. However, that is not the point of what we are here to do as writers for the culture. God bless his family and I send my condolences.

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