Reality In Your Face: Love and Hip Hop (New York) – Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

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Dull Season Finale of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood saved by New York

After a borderline dull season finale of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood (LHHH), the premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York (LHHNY) came just in time to save us from the detrimental season of LHHH. The premiere episode of LHHNY was really “All The Way Up”, hints the name of the episode. The episode pulled in 2.566 million viewers worldwide which made the highest rating in 2 years for a VH1 premiere.

Snoop and The Wire

Viewers have said that many of the scenes from LHH can be a bit scripted. I totally agree with this claim, especially after this one particular scene from the premiere episode. Basically, in the scene, one of the new cast members named “Snoop” and her girlfriend were having dinner. All of a sudden a few female fans came out of thin air and interrupted their dinner by asking for a picture and autograph of the former “Wire” actress. Her girlfriend felt disrespected and just started going off out of nowhere. You could obviously tell that the scene was a bit manipulated by the actions of those invloved. 

You could obviously tell that the scene was a bit manipulated by the actions of those invloved.

Yandy & Kimbella Rekindling Their Friendship

Another scene I would like to do a recap on is the heartfelt scene between Yandy & Kimbella. That was the most genuine scene of the whole episode if you asked me. Real tears were falling by Yandy. It was almost a “breakthrough” to a broken friendship. To recap this friendship, Yandy & Kimbella were really great friends but recently had a falling out for whatever reason. In that scene they were trying to rekindle what had been broken from their past. I feel like there is a slight hope for their friendship to rebuild as the season progresses.

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