Reality In Your Face: Love and Hip Hop (New York) – Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

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Episode two disappointed a girl

Episode two of Love and Hip Hop New York (LHHNY) left a girl disappointed. It was a complete bore to watch. I hope the episodes get better than that cause last week was not it. Their storylines are beginning to be a bit played out and drawn out. They need to add more substance into the lives they portray.

Bianca rekindles a relationship with DJ Drewski

Episode 2 begins with Bianca performing on stage to her new single. After performing, her manager Yandy congratulates and introduces her to a well-known DJ so that she can get her record played during his set. Apparently, Bianca and DJ Drewski had known each other before when she was a teenager. The two chatted and flirted but Bianca isn’t no fool and she mentioned to him “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” He replied “yes but she’s like my assistant”. We can all see where this is leading..

“Don’t you have a girlfriend”? He replied “yes but she’s like my assistant.” We can all see where this is leading..

In last week’s episode Remy Ma got to see the talent her two kids really have.

On the previous episode Remy Ma’s (Remy) husband, Papoose spoke to her about managing two new artist. Remy was on the fence about bringing on new members to the team. When Papoose broke the news to Remy on signing their kids, she busted into laughter like any parent would. Little did she know he was serious about bringing them on board. In further discussion Remy took it upon herself to book a studio time for her son and daughter to see what skills they really inherited. When she heard their rhymes she was stunned for two reasons: one, they rhymed some explicit lyrics that they probably shouldn’t have been saying and two over their content which doesn’t reflect their ages. It did not take long to get Remy Ma on board, I cannot wait to see how long these kids hobby will last.

Hot & Steamy Studio Session

We all know, there is no good that will come out of mixing  business and pleasure. In this episode, Cardi B got a little attention from her producer Swift. As they were working on a track, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Mind you, Swift has a girlfriend in London but hey boys will be boys and they will do as they please sometimes. It seems as if Cardi B is repeating the same situation that she was in last season. She constantly finds herself pursuing a guy that is already in a “committed relationship.” I hope she can keep it professional, for her sake.

What we expect to see this season

As the new season begins to unfold the expectation is growing immensely. What’s a reality show without drama, drama, drama, and more drama. I would also like to see some cast members grow being better people. It is motivating and inspiring to me to see someone build their brand and make it prosperous.   

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