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We’re proud to be a premier establishment to educate and inform you about living a entrepreneurial lifestyle.

The Lifestyle Connoisseur University was originally started as online and live workshops in Miami by Jean-Désir. He realized that attendees needed more than just simple checklists and the new hottest trends to run their business.

The Lifestyle Connoisseur University’s evolution means we will enhance the brands entrepreneurs who participate in either; talks, workshops, challenges or courses.

What We Offer

Level up, with us today! Our courses, workshops and more focus on you 24/7!


Website Development*
Personal Brand Development
Dress & Etiquette
Career Guidance
Digital Branding


Website Development Workshops*
Personal Brand Workshops
Dress & Etiquette Workshop
Career Guidance Workshop
Digital Branding Workshop


Coaching Groups
One-on-One Coaching
Branding & Logo Design
Digital Illustration

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Our website course is suited for different skill levels and time commitments.

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The WhoIsDésir brand has been here for its members since 2016.

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