From time to time, I plan on recapping the week in business, sports and other topics. The post may be filled with stories that have been on our local news stations or even WorldStar because we all have a guilty pleasure.

Anyhow, this past week my fiancée and I decided to take action on painting our condo after 3 years of boardroom debating. Home Depot does a great job of not providing you with a game plan on what you may or may not need. Therefore, if you are out of shape and need some extra pounds taken off from Thanksgiving they will assist you with this mission. My legs and shoulders are sore from using rollers, creating a perfect edge and making sure the Behr paint didn’t bleed onto the crown molding on the ceiling.

Lebron James and Stephen Curry have both combined efforts to flood my social media timelines, which is normal for the month of June in television entertainment scheduling. I haven’t taken the time to see either team play but the matchup really has made a conversation about competition amongst my friends. Does a basketball game and business marry on similar parallels when it comes to competition? Possibly, but I really doubt it. I’ll continue on the subject at a later date with some more research.

Entertainment as a whole is a favorite pastime of mine. Whether it is, going to watch the Atlanta BravesMiami Heat, or The Wailers in concert, I love to get out and enjoy the ambiance. As I alluded to earlier, Home Depot didn’t make Doing-It-Yourself a BREEZE for me this week. Case in point. Pandora and Lexus teamed up to hold the Lexus Pop-Up Concert Series Thursday night in Miami featuring Cold War Kids. Yes, Pandora the streaming service that somehow thinks that Musiq Soulchild and Drake should play on the same station. Anyhow, I like the business model of Pandora and will make an effort to learn more about how profitable these concerts are for their bottom line. In my spare time, I also study companies present and past stock performance and fundamentals, sometimes to invest and other instances to be nosey. lol

Quickbooks has really stepped up their game in regards to the ease of their software. I like most business owners need something reliable and effective in crunch time. For some reason, the last two summers have been the only time my taxes could be prepared. What this demonstrates to me is that I am either lazy or understanding how business works. Without a big staff of course, every expense entry made me cringe because whether you work 40 hours per week for someone else or run a restaurant expenses will make you do a double-take.

Lastly, social media really has grown tremendously over the last few years. The past couple of weeks, social media and awareness have become synonymous on certain issues. Since I am being as proactive as one can be regarding community involvement I will not speak on the situation that occurred in McKinney, Texas because more qualified individuals can debate on the issue. The bottom line is that our dependence on social media has increased and brings dialogue to the forefront quicker in some cases. I’m really looking forward to new products and services that will grow or be introduced to market. Yes, I do not believe in this “TECH BUBBLE” conversation. At the end of the day, whichever site you or I use it serves a purpose for an audience on a daily basis.

*I do not provide investment advice; call your adviser for more information regarding your portfolio.