Jean-Désir and Gerard Adams In Back of Car For Toyota Corolla

Going Going Back Back To Cali Cali $15k Grand Prize! Five Pitches. Toyota Corrolla Startup and Go! Do you know what it feels like to fly to California on someone else’s dime? Gerard Adams, a millennial entrepreneur and co-founder of Elite Daily which was sold for almost $50 million, gave me that opportunity. He partnered […]

Motivation Monday With Jean-Désir of WhoIsDésir

Motivation Monday: May 22, 2017. Motivation Monday with Jean-Désir will be my stories from my journey or stories from other lifestyle connoisseurs that interest me and this Motivation Monday: May 22, 2017 we have one from me. Monday is the best day of the week for me because I have to make something out of […]

South Florida has recently been named the “new silicon valley” and a “tech-hub”. However, during the week of April 7-12, 2015 Jacksonville, Florida was the host of the world’s largest crowdfunding festival.