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What is the Black Professionals Summit?

The black professional’s summit is a one-day event that aims to bridge the gap between different generations of leaders in south Florida hosted by the Black Professionals Network. The event now in its 3rd year has created a  space for conversations, insight, and knowledge sharing to be had in a supportive environment. This being my second year attending, I enjoy seeing different professionals on differing paths exchanging their current projects and objectives.

The Black Professionals Network was founded by Kenasha Paul, a Miami attorney and leader in the Miami community.

Millennials, are they making career moves?
Short answer from, yes of course we are making moves to further our careers. However, I constantly here from some of my peers that:

  • Events are expensive to attend
  • Events typically do not match their needs
  • Event times could be more flexible
  • More technology should incorporate
  • A quick stat about Millennials. 21% of millennials say they’ve changed jobs within the past year, more than 3x the number of non-millennials. (Gallup)

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Who attends the summit?

Miami isn’t just a place for party and bull. The summit welcomes many types of attendees to learn and participate in a day of learning. Local high-school, college and post-graduate students are always in attendance to gain knowledge for their careers. In addition to that, business owners, corporate executives and entrepreneurs can all gain valuable knowledge from the speakers and workshops held throughout the day.

Notables in attendance included

This is a short list, to see more click here.

Jill Tracey
Talk Show Host and Radio Personality for Hot 105FM
Ashlee K. Thomas
Co-Founder of Miami Urban Contemporary Experience and South Florida Webfest
Felecia Hatcher
Co-Founder and CEO of Code Fever and Black Tech Week
Starex Smith
Founder and CEO of The Hungry Black Man

Benefits of Joining the  Black Professionals Network

The Black Professional Network does a great job of putting together events that support the advancement of the community-at-large. To keep up with them, please visit their site.

One of the attendees, Vanessa Fleury had this to say when asked: What did you gain from the Black Professionals Summit?

“I gained some great insights with professionals with the same goals as me.” See More From The Event