WhoIsDésir | Future Talk 2019 | Jean-Désir speaks

WhoIsDésir | Future Talk 2019 | Jean-Désir speaks

This namesake was created over 10 years ago while in undergrad thinking about how to differentiate my brand in the marketplace. Ironically, Sean”Diddy” Combs had a Twitter handle of IAmDiddy around 2008 and I felt at the time, nobody knew me. Fast forward to 2018 and I have created events, workshops, a business and more out of the brand. I plan on doing more because that is what bosses do.

What the rest of 2018 looks like for me

I plan on taking a break from all events and activities that are not centered around my profession. As a financial service professional, I want to be there for my clients and events sometimes take away from what they desire most; which is a competent advisor. You can still reach me for possible consultation via email (jean at jeandfilsjr dot com)

What is in it for you being part of The Lifestyle Connoisseur family?

For starters, I can produce content that is important to me; which are my ebooks, guides, videos and talks that cover investing, small business and motivation. It seems this arena is rife with individuals who have microphones but don’t possess a microscope to provide tools to change the lives of those who follow their lead. Have you taken a moment to get ahead in your business? Bookmark the following websites for insight and advancement with your personal and business brand.

  • Magnitax.com (Accounting and Bookkeeping Resources) Click Here
  • DigitalVurv.com (Digital Media Agency) Click Here

The Black Excellence Brunch 2019 call for partners

Since I will be focusing on 2019, I will need some partners to help me fully realize my ideas. The first need that I request would be solid partners who understand what it means to produce events at a large scale. You do not need to be locally based in Miami, Florida but it may require you visiting every now and then ensure your investment is realized. If you want to learn more about partnering with me and my team, click here.

See you in 2019!



Father, entrepreneur, and artist based in Miami, Florida.

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