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After being an entrepreneur in Miami for over 10 years. Get insight on living and building your lifestyle brand for yourself! Below you can access the resources that helped me launch my brand that reaches thousands monthly.

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I am your pilot on this private plane towards success!

I’ve lived in South Florida for over 10 years. I can assist you with breaking into the entrepreneur landscape and living the Miami lifestyle.

“Take it from me, Miami is more than just the beaches,” Jean-Désir Fils, the Founder of WhoisDésir mentions.

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When you are looking to get ahead of your peers; saying no once in a while will guarantee your spot of being ahead of the pack.

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Being an entrepreneur is a privilige not a right in my book. Learn the difference between getting your cash and cash flow, let’s go!

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Whether you’re looking for the latest internet hustle or want to get down to the basics, see my insights on a bevy of money makers.


In Miami you cannot stay away from hospitality scene. From Wynwood to the ocean views in Sunny Isles; there is much to indulge in daily.

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Get insight on what is needed to grow a successful business in Miami.

I will give you the access to information needed to be an entrepreneur in Miami.

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I will give you the access to information needed to be an entrepreneur in Miami.