10 Dress Shoes Men Should Wear To The Office

10 Shoes Men Should Wear To The Office

This is part of the: Get Fresh For The Office Series. The shoes are based on the basics shoe categories. Comment if you think we should add some others.

The Oxford Shoe

An Oxford shoe is the staple for a suit you will be pairing with a fresh wool suit. An Oxford shoe can be cut in many styles to suit your taste and the type of space you’ll be wearing them.

The different types of Oxford toe cuts:

  • Oxford Cap-Toe:

    This style is most popular amongst “summer interns” and can be safe for first day at the office or Friday casual. Oxford Cap-Toe ($) by Florsheim, Macys.com

  • Oxford Wingtip:

    This style is more fashionable and I have seen more individuals wear this as statement shoes and typically are more expensive at the store. Oxford Lexington Wingtip ($110) by Florsheim, Macys.com

  • Oxford Biketoe:

    This style has a modern twist and it has served me well for the past few years. I recently added a leather sole, which has given the shoe an added 4-5 year life. Curtis Bike Toe ($105) by Florsheim, Macys.com

  • Oxford Wholecut:

    This style has a modern twist and it has served me well for the past few years. I recently added a leather sole, which has given the shoe an added 4-5 year life. Oxford Wholecut ($105) by Carucci, Amazon.com

The Monkstrap Shoe

The name rings something synonomous to a Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movie. However, the Monk Shoe is also called the Monk Strap. The reason being is it typically has one or two straps. Most if not all shoes are made of leather but many new designers are going for cheaper material for fast fashions.

The different types of Monkstraps and toe cuts:

  • Single Monkstrap:

    When I was in middle and high-school; Steve Harvey type suits were cool. Yea, I really had a paid of single monkstrap shoes and thought there were the coolest for church. Fast forward get this shoe for both the office and happy hour. Single Monk Strap ($129.98) by Johnston and Murphy, Macys.com

  • Double monkstrap with cap toe:

    Nothing says you’re a stylish man when you couple your cotton suit that is cut just right showing off the straps for the world to see. Castellano Double Monk Loafers ($130) by Florsheim Macys.com

The Derby Shoe

Though I have not formally worn this shoe, I must say that I want to buy a seersucker suit this summer and go to a dog or horse race to show off my style. This is a very casual shoe and typically comes in different colors and materials depending on the brand. (Not pictured are wingtip toe and more.)

The different types of Derby toe cuts (similar to Oxford)

  • Plain Toe Derby:

    Want to keep it simple while on your first date; assemble the look with some really dark denim jeans and a pair of Brown Derby’s and she will be sure to take a 2nd look. Aauwen Lace Derby ($75.00) by Aldo, Macys.com

The Loafer Shoe

This is my ultimate favorite type of dress shoe at the moment. It is versatile enough for the office on a Monday but surely capable of being used for a date night on the town in Miami, Atlanta, Manhattan or LA.

The different types of loafers

  • Tassel Loafer:

    Want to keep it simple while on your first date; assemble the look with some really dark denim jeans and a pair of Brown Derby’s and she will be sure to take a 2nd look. Estefan Tassel Loafer ($150) by Tallia, Macys.com


  • Penny Loafer:

    Once popularized by Michael Jackson and Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, this is not a closet must have. Penny loafers can now be in all types of materials for each type of man who wants to wear them. Berkley Penny Loafer ($110) by Florsheim, Macys.com

  • Bit Loafer:

    Have you ever been to Italy or Miami? If so, you’ve probably seen men wearing these shoes to a dance filled night on the town. Darrin Bit Loafer by Donald Pliner, Macys.com


Georgia on my mind | My vacation to Atlanta and Stone Mountain

Georgia on my mind | My vacation to Atlanta and Stone Mountain

“Georgia, Georgia The whole day through (The whole day through)
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on mind (Georgia on my mind)”.
(click here to “Georgia on my mind” song).

Easter Weekend 2018

Over the Easter weekend, I spent some time in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The reason for me taking this vacation was, I had already felt like the 2018 Hustlepreneur year would be crazy, in the most exciting way! Therefore, I knew I needed to go somewhere that would provide me the ability to disconnect from Miami and the fun and exciting things that happen down here.

Building Multiple Brands

I’m really happy that I took the trip, the reason being is I was able to reconnect with my family and also with my brands. One thing that happens when you’re building multiple brands is, one of them will essentially be neglected. You already know the reason, you are only one person and if you do not have a large team it is impossible to move things forward easily. In my case, most of the heavy lifting is done by me and I surely do hate it at times.

Stone Mountains | Ku Klux Klan

I rented a place in a area called Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Stone Mountain, Georgia area used to be a place where the Ku Klux Klan had their headquarters. I can only imagine what it was like to live in the Atlanta area knowing that somebody is going to come down from the mountain and cause harm on you as a colored person. However, I did not feel any type of anger or weird vibes as I usually do in places that held Slaves or had any type of oppression in the past. Ironically, the neighborhoods were extremely beautiful. Every home in the area had yards that were well-kept, almost like an NFL teams turf. This trip really inspired me to think about moving to Atlanta and making it a 2nd home for myself and my businesses.

Atlanta in my future

Atlanta will be on my calendar before the year is over. With that addition of a new region to my brand, many opportunities will arise and be fathomable. From a conversation I had with the Atlanta Black Bloggers Union, former Regional Director, Michaela Carter informed me that most of the residents who are active and in my age range, live outside of the city limits. This leads me to believe that, a person like me could succeed in that market because I don’t mind paying a premium to live closer to the action because I loathe driving or traffic. We will see! Ha ha Ha!!

Until next time, remember to take a break from the hustle and maybe visit Georgia or somewhere peaceful! Where do you go, tell me! Go to: whoisdesir.com/contact

Jean-Désir and Gerard Adams In Back of Car For Toyota Corolla

Going Back to Cali

$15k Grand Prize! Five Pitches. Toyota Corolla Startup and Go! Do you know what it feels like to fly to California on someone else’s dime? Gerard Adams, a millennial entrepreneur and co-founder of Elite Daily which was sold for almost $50 million, gave me that opportunity. He partnered with Toyota and hosted the Toyota Corolla Startup and Go Competition. I submitted my application about 2hrs before the deadline and was excited to hear when I made it to the next the next round. *Disclaimer, I apply to many startup competitions and pretty much have the information readily available to submit at moments notice. After two-rounds of interviews, I was on my way to taking, Shngli to the next level.

Do you know what it feels like to fly to California on someone else’s dime?


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The Birth of The Nation Board

The Birth of a Nation


I challenge myself to never fall prey to loving money over the truth after seeing Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” be ripped to shreds by the people who control American cinema.
“The Birth of a Nation” is a nice movie date type of film. The films overall grade by me was meh at best. It had poor execution of a great story about Nat Turner’s uprising against slave masters in 1831. This story really needed more of a support of outside historical events to pull the idea together without increasing the length of the plot.
“The Birth of a Nation” is a nice movie date type of film. The films overall grade by me was meh at best. It had poor execution of a great story about Nat Turner’s uprising against slave masters in 1831.
Case in point; 1831 means the Haitian revolution had already passed and this was in the antebellum south; surely the news of this would’ve been spoken by both slaves and slave masters around various plantations. Because Haitians helped Americans win back Savannah during the American Revolution, I’m sure some of our flavor and military know how was left in the area. Which as a result gives more reason why 30 or so years later, those Haitians were able to free themselves out of bondage over the French. (This needs a movie for itself but I’m not on that right now.)

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Panel with The breakfast club sign with a backdrop that says breakfast club

Say Yes to the Revolt Music Conference Music, Miami Beach and Women! Okay, this isn’t what you will only get at the Revolt Music Conference. WhoIs: Event Spotlight – The Revolt Music Conference was a no-brainer for me. Being a student of Hip Hop, I have watched the genre of music grow from a plethora […]

Burger with bread and fries. Side of Kimchi

In Honor of National Cheeseburger Day Kimchi Burger In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, I wanted to write about the Kimchi burger at the Front Porch Café on South Beach which is better known as Miami Beach, Florida. Brief insight on Kimchi; this is a traditional Korean dish made of seasoned vegetables and salt. Kimchi; […]

Periodically I find myself doing business further north in the Palm Beach area. This past August, I stopped by the Town Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Since my next meeting was at 7:00 PM and it was around 5:30 in the afternoon, I knew there was time for me to chill and answer a few emails […]

Another interesting night in Miami Sunday, August 14th, Only Le’Adonis Boutique created a interesting night of Miami fashion and art for me. Robson Noel, who is a successful Realtor®/real estate investor in the south Florida area. He has also been a good friend since college. Hence the reason he asked myself and another friend to find him […]

tall caramel Model wearing lingerie and black robe

Welcome to the site dedicated to those who walk to the beat of a different: social, economic and creative drum. My adventures take me all around Florida and up and down the U.S. Eastern coast. Yes, I haven’t made the trek out West but it is coming very soon.

Take the time out of your day to: read, listen and watch what is happening from my eyes. I love to write and therefore there will be something for every reader but please do be patient in waiting for the content geared towards your enjoyment.

I’ve been blogging on and off for about eight years and 2016 has been the genesis of my next level of media publishing. My aim is to take this media side of my life to open doors to: speaking and adding commentary to social and economic topics around Miami and the country at-large.

There are several areas to my blog but the most important area is the travel section. Although I do travel to other cities in and out of the United States from time to time, Miami still has some undiscovered areas left for me to explore. This site will have an extensive review of: restaurants, bars, lounges, events and toerh interesting things associated with being a Miamian. My goal is to ensure that every neighborhood is represented. This way, when I am out in the streets.

Below, I will have a sign-up area strictly for those who want to keep in touch with Miami events. This is especially important to all of my friends who travel in town on a weekly basis.

Amazon Links

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  • Miracase Glass Series Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max Case 6.7 Inch, [2022 Upgrade] Full-Body Bumper Case with Built-in 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector, with 2 Pcs Camera Lens Protectors, Black-A


As I continue building my current business and learning about new opportunities, why you should invest in your future today has come to my mind often.

Many entrepreneurs around the world are investing in our financial future. We know that depending on Social Security benefits, and in some cases, retirement plans, may not be the only way to earn a steady income in retirement. Investing has some benefits in alleviating the pain of not knowing if you’ll be able to afford it during retirement.


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The Black Men Xcel Summit 2019


The Black Men Xcel Summit 2019 was an amazing event this year held in my backyard of Miami, Florida. Thankfully, it was a short drive from my condo to experience new people and ideas from all over the country. What I learned from the conference can be broken down into 3 parts:


I was thankful for the hospitality extended by Mr. Alfred Edmund Jr and Johann Alleyne-Morris. These two provided me with a media pass to experience and document this event with available time I had outside my regular work schedule.

About Black Men Xcel Summit and Black Enterprise


Black Enterprise’s Black Men Xcel Summit is an event where more than 800 men and women who will celebrate and honor the leadership and excellence of today’s men of color. 2019 would be its third installation but the first time in Miami. Black Enterprise is the premier source for black entrepreneurs, black-owned businesses, and career, tech, and money content for an African American demographic. Founded by Mr. Earl Graves Sr. and its first issue was published in 1970.

Women deserve more love and respect for the success of black men in business


We live in a time where roles have become extinct in relationships and acknowledgment of support or contribution is few and far between. With that being said, I for one can say that the lines have to open up more between black women and men. Too often it can be adversarial but even with that, my focus is on men. From my vantage point; the moments where it counts, we have to work on acknowledging a contribution to use from the opposite sex.

Your finances have a positive and negative effect on your relationship


Henry Ford has been quoted saying, “It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.” Basically saying, if you don’t make a lot of money; find a job where customers pay a premium. However, we all have some personal and business relationships that aren’t focused on our take-home pay. What I have learned is my finances play dearly as to how I am able to create and build relationships. The conference featured a panel titled: “Love and Money – How finances can influence relationships” that touched on this topic between couples. Check out some of the other events from the Summit. 

Step out of the office and have fun building your business


Golf, tennis, video games, pool or whatever leisure activity that comes to mind is a good outlet to do to build relationships with colleagues and business partners. Think back to your team at the office and ask yourself when was the last time you’ve been out doing an activity? As a business owner having limited time is not an excuse to not network in your community. Furthermore, the Summit featured golf and as one of their leisure activities to not only play but learn the business of golf.

Come to the Black Men Xcel Summit in 2020


Next year, make plans to be in Miami at the Black Men Xcel Summit. Moreover, when you do come, be sure to look me up and I can definitely ensure you have the full Miami experience outside of the conference as well but you might not need it.

Looking to stay up to date with the Miami lifestyle?


Are you looking to visit Miami and want to experience the Miami Lifestyle without lifting a finger? Go ahead and sign-up for The Lifestyle Connoisseur Concierge Newsletter. It features all of the experiences under one roof. In conclusion, the process is easy and you’ll be exploring Miami without a care in the world.


Black Tech Week 2018 Where Techies Educators and Others In Miami Reconnect

Black Tech Week 2018 Where Techies Educators and Others In Miami Reconnect

Black Tech Week was a blur for me

This year Black Tech Week was a blur for me, again. lol The reason being is, my startup has moved away from: a napkin, different startup programs and now to an actual working MVP with real clients. Thus, preventing me from attending conferences as I did while still figuring out the tech landscape. I had the pleasure of being part of Black Tech Weeks 2018 VC in residence program for a week, 2nd time for me! Blessed! Balancing my small business called Magnitax.com and my start up, Shngli App this program really jump started some growth ideas for me.

Peace and happiness while in FinTech

The conference brought me peace and happiness because based on a few moves, I was unsure where I stood in the Financial Tech landscape. Yes, from the image above you can see that I am once again a solo founder at the moment and it is not fun, especially when it comes around conference time. However I was able to meet a lot of new entrepreneurs and other successful entrepreneurs who reminded me that the journey is not over. If you’re looking to join my startup team, give me a ring at shngli.com.

Miami and south Florida’s Poppin Tech Scene

Miami and south Florida’s poppin tech scene encourages many entrepreneurial activities (hyperlink to breakdown of activities) at the moment. One thing I can say that Black Tech week does right is the feeling of having a family reunion with a bunch of strangers in a city where most people think about the beaches and parties. If you are looking at adventuring in Miami, check out this guide.

The contacts I made during that week included entrepreneurs from:

  • Atlanta
  • Texas
  • New York City
  • More

Who knows what will come out of these relationships but what I do know is, to be successful as a black entrepreneur unless I work with more entrepreneurs who understand my strengths and weaknesses.

Three takeaways from Black Tech Week 2018

  1. Research who will be in attendance at the conference such as:
    • Other startups that may fit your business model
    • Potential customers
  2. Don’t attend workshops that are your strengths.
    • Learn about something new that could enhance your startup
  3. Don’t just pass out business cards!
    • Have a coffee/smoothie/etc
    • Learn more than surface level information, this could truly expand your startup!

Until next time, build your best startup and remember it really does take a Tribe to grow your brand!

Want to learn about starting your own startup? Go to: whoisdesir.com/contact

The Lifestyle Connoisseur University: 48hr WordPress Website Course | Jacksonville

When is it time to start a new journey in life as a serial entrepreneur?

When is it time to start a new journey in life as a serial entrepreneur? Great question and this year has just started and I have been a witness to many new journey’s being taken. For instance, the Ball brothers going overseas to play basketball LiAngelo Ball, LaMelo Ball combine for 29 points in Lithuanian pro debut. I love their story and it will be the basis of so much content for a lot of sports writers for years to come.



Just a tid bit about my basketball past; I never made the first cut from middle-school to high-school. However, basketball always taught me that it is more about your confidence in your game vs your skills.

You took a chance on a idea from a napkin, now what?

In continuation with the topic at hand. Embarking on a journey is sometimes so crucial to your success as a serial entrepreneur. You may find it could be easier to continue walking on pre-paved trails to ease the pain of uncertainty in your goals. However, where is the fun in this if you took a chance on a idea on a napkin?

51.6 percent of businesses were operated primarily from someone’s home. (Source: SBE Council)

With the thought of either spending your weekends or the rest of your life building an idea. It is important to keep in mind that sometimes it is best to start a new journey for your career or entrepreneurial ventures. As you can probably tell, I am extremely focused on entrepreneurs for this blog. Regardless of this fact, I understand that everyone will not ever become entrepreneurs but may need to embark on a new path anyway.

My team and I have sat back and eliminated a bunch of events that did not fit our goals for 2018. We see a BIG push towards online media. Moreover, this online media needs to be niche focused and more inclusive of the fast-paced social media time.

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