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I was hired by to be a business advisor and accountant. It took me a while to step away from my startup pursuits to do something most people shy away from doing. Accounting isn't as sexy as being a web developer, in contrast, we are still in high demand and it really does not take a 3-month course to be taken seriously. At this moment, our business owners need to build financially sound and legacy businesses. This would help with creating some of the infrastructures large corporations need to employ staff members. Think about it; if high-skilled workers come to a city; shouldn't there be successful businesses waiting to provide a high level of services. The best way to do that is if businesses are started with a sound foundation built in healthy financials, marketing plan and overall healthy business climate. Download the - Miami Startup Business Launch Pack
WhoIsDésir | Future Talk 2019 | Jean-Désir speaks

What WhoIsDésir Sees Happening | Future Talk 2019

What is in it for you being part of The Lifestyle Connoisseur family? For starters, I can produce content that is important to me; which are my ebooks, guides, videos and talks that cover investing, small business and motivation. It seems this arena is rife with individuals who have microphones but don't possess a microscope to provide tools to change the lives of those who follow their lead. Have you taken a moment to get ahead in your business? Bookmark the following websites for insight and advancement with your personal and business brand.

Why You Should Invest In Your Future Today

For instance, music artists Jay-Z (Sean Carter) and Beyonce (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter) have demonstrated investing in three key areas that stand out to me: Their personal brands (Jay-Z and Beyonce have delved into politics, Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign) Business (Equity positions in D'Usse for Jay-Z) Intellectual Property, i.e. (Tidal and more)