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Who Is Désir? The Story Behind the Brand

Welcome! This is my personal lifestyle outlet. Since the inception of the WhoIsDésir name in college, the idea and brand have grown to be more than just a blog or website. I’ve spoken on panels, held events and assisted entrepreneurs with starting their digital media businesses. This idea began in my head and will continue to evolve and produce many many more ideas. When you visit any page or read a post on here; it will paint a story of someone who tried tirelessly to give back in any way shape or form to the digital ecosystem in Miami and around the world.

“My vision for the website primarily is to have a place for millennials and others  to showcase their hard work and dedication to being entrepreneurs and living their particular lifestyle,” Jean-Désir Fils, the Founder of WhoisDésir mentions. “It will be a one-stop shop for the on-the-go millennial businessman or woman. At the end of it all, time is money.”

Each piece of content is original and made by me. The reason I say this is; I want you to know my posts come from a real place. My goal is to provide more insight to how someone maintains their sanity and growth as a serial entrepreneur. My consistency will be based on my schedule as I run a few brands it can get difficult to continuously provide content.

Thank you for stopping by, see you at the top!!

Jean-Désir, The Lifestyle Connoisseur

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Jacksonville and One Spark, the world’s largest crowdfunding festival.

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Why This Platform Matters To Millennials Like You

Whether you’re an experienced vet in business or just beginning on your first venture, there is something for everyone at The Lifestyle Connoisseur Digital Media Platform. The brand’s primary focus is to present a place for millennial entrepreneurs and business owners to celebrate the lifestyle of being entrepreneurially driven.

The website has curated content dedicated to the latest trends in technology, fashion for men and women, fitness tips, the best ways to travel and yes, of course, leisure.