Social Media Tips: How to use Instagram’s New Draft Feature As A Marketer

How to use Instagram’s new draft feature as a marketer

How to use Instagram’s new draft feature as a marketer is a step forward in this brands overall strategy. Instagram recently rolled out with a draft option for all users. This is great for marketers because if you were at an event or you’re currently working on a campaign that coincides with other social media platforms, you can now wait to submit them all simultaneously instead of one by one.

Once you have started a post and you want to put it in drafts all you have to do is press back and you will be prompted to save or discard the draft. Once you reenter the Instagram application and try to post a picture video you will see your drafts above your regular pictures.

Instagram Draft Page with yellow and white text that says ninety nine dollars get your tickets now and more text

Instagram’s Draft Page Sample

Another great Instagram feature

Another great feature that this helps you do is, get your hashtags ready before you post your pictures. This ensures that everything will match and you do not have to run around and post it at a later time. If you want my template, please send me an email. In addition to this, be sure to visit Instagram’s page on the length and amount of hashtags. Like everything in life; follow the rules or proceed with caution.

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