One question you should ask that will make networking with strangers easier?

Jean-Desir taking pictures at Entrepreneur Magazine’s Accelerate Conference on 2/23/16

I want to thank God and the universe for bringing me to those who need me and vice versa.

Story behind the photo.

I’ve been building up my accounting business for the last month and half and have also been attending many networking events around south Florida. While attending the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Accelerate Conference at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove – Miami, I asked a woman a simple question during the lunch and networking portion of the event. The question was, “How did you like the event?”
From there she began explaining to me that she enjoyed the event and particularly enjoyed the security in technology panel. We quickly began discussing current issues with our businesses websites and the ways to solve them quickly.
She has a media and publishing out of Atlanta, Georgia. It was impressive for me to see that she had several lines of business and didn’t seem stressed at all while away on business. When I asked her how she got it started, the story was similar to those that I’ve heard before.

While working for a personal injury law firm, due to a slow-down in their business she was downsized and left her without employment. Quickly, as most entrepreneurs do she figured out that she could fill in a need for authors by providing book publishing assistance. From there she began adding different lines of business piece by piece.
Now to the photo, which I might add quickly moved me to write while sitting on the Miami-Dade transit train seat.

My blog has been up for a while, seven years and counting! I haven’t paid much attention to it until recently out of fear from unknown social media critics. We spoke on ways to curate content to her blog and she mentioned that attending big events was one of her ways of creating great content and building her brand. In which she suggested I become a photographer and shoot those events to garner more exposure to different types of events and people as well as growing my blog.

In closing, it came down to a simple question. “How did you like the event?” This question provided me with a new way to grow my blog as well as a way to teach others on ways that they too can grow their network.

The benefits from this one question. 

  1. The person can give you and easy response.
  2. It won’t sound scripted.
  3. Gives you a chance to read the person for a second question.

Thank you for reading this post, be blessed.