• Will I dance again?

    Follow my journey as a I navigate two foot surgeries, family, studying for LSAT and rebuilding my brands.

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Will I ever dance the same?

I recently went under the knife” and received foot surgery on my right toe. The proper term is: bunionectomy

Part 1: The Surgery

As a kid, soccer was my favorite sport. By the time high-school hit, I learned that football was more popular in America and to fit in; I played that and excelled. Throughout time, I did not realize that my feet were taking a beating.

The more I get up there in age, I want to be healthy and with a little added weight my feet started to swell more when I tried to workout. Finally I caved in and saw a podiatrist in my neighborhood.

I went ahead and got the surgery for my right foot done on a Wednesday. The whole process took less than 6hrs in and out.

My goal is to chronicle this journey for personal reasons and to not look at myself as weak because I didn’t muscle through the pain.

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