Black owned eatery in the heart of Miami's Overtown neighborhood

Black owned eatery in the heart of Miami’s Overtown neighborhood

Nakeeta Gates, the founder of Lil Greenhouse Grill. This black owned eatery in the heart of Miami’s Overtown neighborhood, is sure to please.

My first visit was for a friend’s birthday party. The Miami based eatery had a very inviting atmosphere that made me feel like I was at one of my cool aunt’s crib.

As a wine drinker, I ordered a few glasses of Chardonnay & took a big slice of rum cake that was made for my friend. Sipping and dancing the evening away, I forgot to order something from their kitchen in time before it closed. Unbothered by the whole situation, I drove home thinking I had to come back because most of my colleagues were talking about visiting when in search of some great soul food.

Don’t cry for me just yet! While coasting home down Biscayne in the rain drizzle that is constant during hurricane season, I got a text.

The owner and Chef Karim Bryant saved me a personal plate of her smoked BBQ ribs. Now, I must tell all of my vegan friends, I ate those ribs like my life depended on it. If anything, I probably would’ve made a simple sandwich that night and this plate with all the “fixins” made my evening. Again, I do have to say that eating out is a luxury and any time that you have an over the top experience, you should make note of it.

I will be back soon to visit the Lil Greenhouse Grill and when you are in the area; stop by and enjoy yourself. I give this a stamp of approval from The Lifestyle Connoisseur team.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Teaser

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Teaser

Our sister brand Désir Digital Collective. This was will be their first foray into hosting workshops, webinars and more.

What we wanted to showcase was that there are many brands out there who want to start an online presence but are afraid to do so easily.

We hosted the event at the co-working space: Pipeline Brickell, located in downtown Miami. We were able to secure the spot because of our membership.

Désir Digital Collective’s first workshop was done on Facebook Live and garnered over 400 views on Facebook without $0 in advertising.

Some of the topics covered could have been explained in a myriad of ways. However, we felt it best to keep it simple. However, we understand that the content is only a teaser and may not cover everything 100%.

Below is a short video of the Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop that was held on January 7th, 2017. We hope that this information can serve you well in your marketing efforts throughout the life of your brand. In addition to the video, go to our Creative Entrepreneurial Women series to learn from other female entrepreneurs.

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