Periodically I find myself doing business further north in the Palm Beach area. This past August, I stopped by the Town Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Since my next meeting was at 7:00 PM and it was around 5:30 in the afternoon, I knew there was time for me to chill and answer a few emails […]

Another interesting night in Miami Sunday, August 14th, Only Le’Adonis Boutique created a interesting night of Miami fashion and art for me. Robson Noel, who is a successful Realtor®/real estate investor in the south Florida area. He has also been a good friend since college. Hence the reason he asked myself and another friend to find him […]

tall caramel Model wearing lingerie and black robe

Welcome to the site dedicated to those who walk to the beat of a different: social, economic and creative drum. My adventures take me all around Florida and up and down the U.S. Eastern coast. Yes, I haven’t made the trek out West but it is coming very soon.

Take the time out of your day to: read, listen and watch what is happening from my eyes. I love to write and therefore there will be something for every reader but please do be patient in waiting for the content geared towards your enjoyment.

I’ve been blogging on and off for about eight years and 2016 has been the genesis of my next level of media publishing. My aim is to take this media side of my life to open doors to: speaking and adding commentary to social and economic topics around Miami and the country at-large.

There are several areas to my blog but the most important area is the travel section. Although I do travel to other cities in and out of the United States from time to time, Miami still has some undiscovered areas left for me to explore. This site will have an extensive review of: restaurants, bars, lounges, events and toerh interesting things associated with being a Miamian. My goal is to ensure that every neighborhood is represented. This way, when I am out in the streets.

Below, I will have a sign-up area strictly for those who want to keep in touch with Miami events. This is especially important to all of my friends who travel in town on a weekly basis.

“How did you like the event?” This question provided me with a new way to grow my blog as well as a way to teach others on ways that they too can grow their network.

The 8th annual WordCamp Miami, a conference put on by experts focusing on everything WordPress, will be held from February 19 through February 21, 2016 at Florida International University in Miami.

The first one deals with the garbage disposal, which if you’re not careful can make you hate cooking in the kitchen.

#MarciDidItAs a son and older brother of two young women and countless female acquaintances, I felt it would be silly of me not to learn more about breast cancer awareness. Marcia Stewart, a good friend of mine who is a talented hair stylist and wig maker in Miami has started a campaign promoting Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October.

Her campaign involves awarding deserving participants with a full day of beauty which includes but not limited to a custom wig designed by her. I applaud her in taking the initiative to contribute her efforts to a cause which is estimated to have over 231,840 new invasive breast cancer cases for women and 2,350 for men in 2015.

To support her campaign go to: and she has also included the hashtag #MarciDidIt for social media site support as well.

If you have a cause that you are supporting, do not hesitate to let me know. Knowledge is power.