Startups and Hustles 101

Our content will focus on the startup industry worldwide. It will also target new hustles that we all can do to further our brands.

What are startups

I define startups as concepts that have peaked the interest of a core audience and will be looking to grow into a mainstream audience quickly.

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How to join a startup

There are many ways to join a startup. The best way to join one, is by reaching out to the founding team and providing them with how you’ll be a value-add to the team.

Black Tech Week 2018 Where Techies Educators and Others In Miami Reconnect

Black Tech Week 2018 Where Techies Educators and Others In Miami Reconnect

Black Tech Week was a blur for me

This year Black Tech Week was a blur for me, again. lol The reason being is, my startup has moved away from: a napkin, different startup programs and now to an actual working MVP with real clients. Thus, preventing me from attending conferences as I did while still figuring out the tech landscape. I had the pleasure of being part of Black Tech Weeks 2018 VC in residence program for a week, 2nd time for me! Blessed! Balancing my small business called and my start up, Shngli App this program really jump started some growth ideas for me.

Peace and happiness while in FinTech

The conference brought me peace and happiness because based on a few moves, I was unsure where I stood in the Financial Tech landscape. Yes, from the image above you can see that I am once again a solo founder at the moment and it is not fun, especially when it comes around conference time. However I was able to meet a lot of new entrepreneurs and other successful entrepreneurs who reminded me that the journey is not over. If you’re looking to join my startup team, give me a ring at

Miami and south Florida’s Poppin Tech Scene

Miami and south Florida’s poppin tech scene encourages many entrepreneurial activities (hyperlink to breakdown of activities) at the moment. One thing I can say that Black Tech week does right is the feeling of having a family reunion with a bunch of strangers in a city where most people think about the beaches and parties. If you are looking at adventuring in Miami, check out this guide.

The contacts I made during that week included entrepreneurs from:

  • Atlanta
  • Texas
  • New York City
  • More

Who knows what will come out of these relationships but what I do know is, to be successful as a black entrepreneur unless I work with more entrepreneurs who understand my strengths and weaknesses.

Three takeaways from Black Tech Week 2018

  1. Research who will be in attendance at the conference such as:
    • Other startups that may fit your business model
    • Potential customers
  2. Don’t attend workshops that are your strengths.
    • Learn about something new that could enhance your startup
  3. Don’t just pass out business cards!
    • Have a coffee/smoothie/etc
    • Learn more than surface level information, this could truly expand your startup!

Until next time, build your best startup and remember it really does take a Tribe to grow your brand!

Want to learn about starting your own startup? Go to:

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Going Back to Cali

$15k Grand Prize! Five Pitches. Toyota Corolla Startup and Go! Do you know what it feels like to fly to California on someone else’s dime? Gerard Adams, a millennial entrepreneur and co-founder of Elite Daily which was sold for almost $50 million, gave me that opportunity. He partnered with Toyota and hosted the Toyota Corolla Startup and Go Competition. I submitted my application about 2hrs before the deadline and was excited to hear when I made it to the next the next round. *Disclaimer, I apply to many startup competitions and pretty much have the information readily available to submit at moments notice. After two-rounds of interviews, I was on my way to taking, Shngli to the next level.

Do you know what it feels like to fly to California on someone else’s dime?


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Why no one cares about your startup

Why no one care about your startup, is not a diss or put down. From my calculation music artists have several stakeholders who are involved in their startup or should I say brand. Why aren’t you doing the same thing, as far as having several stakeholders involved in your startup? Hence, the reason nobody cares about your startup is you haven’t set up the right stakeholders who care about not only the operations of your startup but also the branding and impact of your startup on them.


Why aren’t you doing the same thing, as far as having several stakeholders involved in your startup?

Who is your favorite music artist

Do you have a favorite music artist? Think about the artist and how much effort it took to get you to listen to their first song and every new video or streaming audio that they’ve produced.

From the past several months of working on this blog and other startups, here is what I have used to get people to care about my startup.


5 Tips To Improve On How Much People Care About Your Startup

  1. You first need to find out who are your stakeholders.
  2. If you’re a restaurateur make sure your restaurant provides patrons the best and freshest ingredients.
  3. Look at your logo and the branding that you’re currently presenting on social media.
  4. Does it present what you want customer customer to think?
  5. Or does it present what you actually are as a startup?Make sure you are marketing to the right clients who actually care about what you are offering, the last thing you want to do is to speak into a empty room.

Conclusion to Why No One Cares About Your Startup

Find clients pain points earlier in introductory conversations, networking events or other face to face or online interactions.

Therefore, take the time necessary to give people the opportunity to care about your startup, it will take some time but ensure it will all pay off when the revenue rises.