, How do you get ahead of your peers on the weekends?

How do you get ahead of your peers on the weekends?

Whether you read this in the morning or the evening, you may feel that your Saturday is best suited for catching up on sleep but it isn’t in my opinion.

Almost everything that I have learned in my professional career is that Monday through Friday has been dictated by how I treat my weekends. In undergrad, my focus was college athletics then classwork, so weekends were spent at games or catching up with homework. As I have transitioned into a professional career, my goals have become crystal clear. This is why I am devoting an entire series to personal development for young professionals.


Here are a few suggestions that I like from different sources on how you could make Saturdays and weekends more productive:

  • Thursday should be treated as your Friday.
  • Friday should be your Monday.
  • Break up your weekend into two parts that I call:
    • Current Self Habits
    • Future Self Habits
  • Lastly, make a list of the things you DO NOT want to do.

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