#MarciDidItAs a son and older brother of two young women and countless female acquaintances, I felt it would be silly of me not to learn more about breast cancer awareness. Marcia Stewart, a good friend of mine who is a talented hair stylist and wig maker in Miami has started a campaign promoting Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October.

Her campaign involves awarding deserving participants with a full day of beauty which includes but not limited to a custom wig designed by her. I applaud her in taking the initiative to contribute her efforts to a cause which is estimated to have over 231,840 new invasive breast cancer cases for women and 2,350 for men in 2015.

To support her campaign go to: Booster.com/MarciDidIt and she has also included the hashtag #MarciDidIt for social media site support as well.

If you have a cause that you are supporting, do not hesitate to let me know. Knowledge is power.



Andre Berto and Floyd Mayweather during media day and weigh-in on September 11, 2015.


Andre Berto vs Floyd Mayweather on September 12 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Time and time again, entertainers (sports/media/and etc) are tasked with the obligatory assignment of representing their neighborhood, state, country or race. As a fellow Haitian-American, I understand the reasoning behind making Andre Berto another candidate. However, no man or woman should be given that title because of the scrutiny that is bestowed upon you if you f%$k up. From Orenthal James “Juice” Simpson to Arnold Schwarzenegger, we all have witnessed that sometimes they do not live up to our praise and admiration. As a boxer, Andre Berto isn’t the greatest I have seen but overall his attitude is that of many boxers in the peak of their careers. Tonight, I want to see a complete fight and not waste a moment of my time wishing he got another chance.

To bring anyone up to speed about the boxer Andre Berto, here we go. He competed as an olympian representing the caribbean island of Haiti in 2004. His professional record currently stands at 33 fights; 30 wins; 23 wins by KO and 3 losses. From the fights I have seen, he should have a good chance of going 12 rounds in his fight with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas tonight.  In my opinion, Andre Berto should be advised not to go hard early like he does in most of his fights because it will not work with Floyd.

In the end, win, lose, or draw I like both fighters and will not feel any more or less about Berto as a representation of what Haiti has to offer in boxers or entertainers for that matter. Make your family proud Andre Berto. “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE”!

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#documentary #thegreyarea

#documentary #thegreyarea


South Florida has recently been named the “new silicon valley” and a “tech-hub”. However, during the week of April 7-12, 2015 Jacksonville, Florida was the host of the world’s largest crowdfunding festival.

The One Spark festival launched in 2011 by Elton Rivas, Dennis Eusebio, and Varick Rosete. This is a non-profit organization, which has transformed the Jacksonville area from a college town to a creative and innovative hub for five days. This festival not only changed the perception for residents but entrepreneurs from all over Florida, the United States and abroad from the conversations I had with attendees.

During the festivals five days, 555 entrepreneurs, technology innovators, and music artists this year were vying for a piece of $350,000 in awards.

Jacksonville is the largest city by population in the state of Florida. This provides an environment and foot traffic that is beneficial for all of the creators (entrepreneurs, technology innovator, and music artists) who were presenting during that week.

The festival featured titans of business such as Jack Welch who spoke at the Speaker Summit, which is held on the inaugural day of the festival.

Finding a creator to vote for or contribute funds to was a simple and easy process for an attendee whose interest was sparked when using the mobile One Spark Application. Their app gave a voter the ability to keep on schedule to know when a particular event of interest was beginning and ending. A prefilled map feature of the app benefited everyone who dislikes wandering 20 blocks finding the village food area, which included numerous vendors from around Jacksonville.

My time was spent discovering different and unique entrepreneurs and technology innovators who had uncommon propositions for attendees.

Home Scand, is a Jacksonville based company that provides 3D controlled walkthroughs to real estate clients in under 24hours. To show off their products capabilities, the company used a 360 view of Perdue’s Jacksonville office. Royce Munn CFO provided some great details for potential clients. The service takes about 2hrs on average for a 3000sq ft. home.

ExpenseBite, another innovative software company enables the hospitality industry to utilize their product to track procurement information, monitoring and reporting for an efficient back office. The company already has established clients from Atlanta, Georgia to Jacksonville. When asked about coming down to Miami, Patrick Michaud COO informed me that it is in their in the near future plans.

The military inspired innovators also represented as well. The start-up Lubotics featured a legged robot that was capable of going up and down three to four steps at The Carling luxury apartments lobby area in downtown Jacksonville. Luther Palmer, Phd a professor at the University of South Florida was a crowd pleaser with the creepy legged crawler. He informed me that his company has been in operation for six months. Their objectives during the festival were to receive funding to produce a legged robot capable of being used by the military with increased functionality.

Next year, be sure to add this festival to your calendar as an entrepreneur, technology innovator, music artist, contributor, or attendee. The coverage of the festival will surely continue to grow. Jacksonville being a quick one-hour flight and a 5-hour day-trip by car from Miami only makes this a win-win for whoever is going.

Jean-Desir Fils is a serial entrepreneur and is currently working on starting his next venture. Stay connected with him and learn more. subscribe to his blog. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Photo credits: @dennishophoto


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