When is it time to start a new journey in life as a serial entrepreneur?

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When is it time to start a new journey in life as a serial entrepreneur?

When is it time to start a new journey in life as a serial entrepreneur? Great question and this year has just started and I have been a witness to many new journey’s being taken. For instance, the Ball brothers going overseas to play basketball LiAngelo Ball, LaMelo Ball combine for 29 points in Lithuanian pro debut. I love their story and it will be the basis of so much content for a lot of sports writers for years to come.



Just a tid bit about my basketball past; I never made the first cut from middle-school to high-school. However, basketball always taught me that it is more about your confidence in your game vs your skills.

You took a chance on a idea from a napkin, now what?

In continuation with the topic at hand. Embarking on a journey is sometimes so crucial to your success as a serial entrepreneur. You may find it could be easier to continue walking on pre-paved trails to ease the pain of uncertainty in your goals. However, where is the fun in this if you took a chance on a idea on a napkin?

51.6 percent of businesses were operated primarily from someone’s home. (Source: SBE Council)

With the thought of either spending your weekends or the rest of your life building an idea. It is important to keep in mind that sometimes it is best to start a new journey for your career or entrepreneurial ventures. As you can probably tell, I am extremely focused on entrepreneurs for this blog. Regardless of this fact, I understand that everyone will not ever become entrepreneurs but may need to embark on a new path anyway.

My team and I have sat back and eliminated a bunch of events that did not fit our goals for 2018. We see a BIG push towards online media. Moreover, this online media needs to be niche focused and more inclusive of the fast-paced social media time.

Some of the brands to look forward to seeing in 2018-2019:

  • The Lifestyle Connoisseur Experience
  • The Lifestyle Connoisseur Podcast
  • The Lifestyle Connoisseur Show
  • The Lifestyle Connoisseur Apparel
  • The Lifestyle Connoisseur University

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