South Florida has recently been named the “new silicon valley” and a “tech-hub”. However, during the week of April 7-12, 2015 Jacksonville, Florida was the host of the world’s largest crowdfunding festival.

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Why no one cares about your startup

Why no one care about your startup, is not a diss or put down. From my calculation music artists have several stakeholders who are involved in their startup or should I say brand. Why aren’t you doing the same thing, as far as having several stakeholders involved in your startup? Hence, the reason nobody cares about your startup is you haven’t set up the right stakeholders who care about not only the operations of your startup but also the branding and impact of your startup on them.


Why aren’t you doing the same thing, as far as having several stakeholders involved in your startup?

Who is your favorite music artist

Do you have a favorite music artist? Think about the artist and how much effort it took to get you to listen to their first song and every new video or streaming audio that they’ve produced.

From the past several months of working on this blog and other startups, here is what I have used to get people to care about my startup.


5 Tips To Improve On How Much People Care About Your Startup

  1. You first need to find out who are your stakeholders.
  2. If you’re a restaurateur make sure your restaurant provides patrons the best and freshest ingredients.
  3. Look at your logo and the branding that you’re currently presenting on social media.
  4. Does it present what you want customer customer to think?
  5. Or does it present what you actually are as a startup?Make sure you are marketing to the right clients who actually care about what you are offering, the last thing you want to do is to speak into a empty room.

Conclusion to Why No One Cares About Your Startup

Find clients pain points earlier in introductory conversations, networking events or other face to face or online interactions.

Therefore, take the time necessary to give people the opportunity to care about your startup, it will take some time but ensure it will all pay off when the revenue rises.